Terms & Conditions

Rise Pilates Terms and Conditions 2024




1a. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:


– “Client” means any person that has completed and submitted an online registration or booking form or been booked in via telephone by a Rise staff member, and/or attended a class – virtual or in-person with Rise Pilates (the “Registration Form”).


– “member” means any client that purchases a Rise Pilates membership product (“membership”), meaning they reserve a spot in one or more weekly classes and pay a recurring payment.


– “Company” and “Rise Pilates” means Rise Performance and Wellbeing limited, trading as Rise Pilates.


– “Studio” means the Rise Pilates Studio at Redpoint, 40 Winterstoke Road, Bristol BS32NW “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions.


1b. Where the Terms and Conditions relate to the singular it will also include the plural and vice versa.


1c. References to the masculine gender will include references to the feminine gender and non-binary and vice versa.


1d. These Terms and Conditions are accepted by any person booking onto and attending Rise Pilates classes.


1e. Rise Pilates reserves the right to vary and revoke the Terms and Conditions where it considers this necessary or desirable for the regulation of conduct of clients and the affairs of the Studio. Any such changes will be notified to clients and will be binding.


1f. Our Terms and Conditions are subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the English courts and governed by the laws of England.




2a. Subject to condition 2b when a person has completed a Registration Form or attended a class they will become a Client of Rise Pilates.


2b. Acceptance of a person as a Client is at the discretion of the Company. Rise Pilates reserves the right to cancel, suspend, refuse to renew membership or expel a client from the studio with no notice where in the company’s reasonable opinion the client’s conduct is unacceptable, and/or breaches the terms of these Terms and Conditions and/or has the potential to, or causes offence or harm to the company’s staff or other clients, or damage to the studio or surrounding setting, or has the potential to bring the company’s character or reputation into disrepute. Where a client is expelled for these reasons it is at the discretion of Rise Pilates’s Directors as to whether any proportion of fees for a missed class or where the client is a member whether the remaining membership period is refunded, and Rise Pilates reserves the right to take the appropriate fees as per the notice period for the given membership’s cancellation notice period (for example, a Monthly Membership with a notice period of one month would incur one monthly cycle fee).




3a. Details of session times at the Studio may vary from time to time and on occasion can change with little notice. Session times will be published by the Studio and will be available either at the Studio or at http://www.risepilatesbristol.com

Where class time changes are made or communicated within less than 48 hours of the class, if the rescheduled time does not suit the client then the client will be provided with an opportunity to reschedule, subject to availability or receive a refund should they be unable to attend.


4) CLASSES TERMS OF PAYMENT – Pay as you go/one-off/block purchases.


4a. Tasters, Class and membership details and prices are available at http://www.risepilatesbristol.com

Prices are determined by the Company and may be altered without notice from time to time.


4b. A Client may not attend any class at Rise Pilates without first booking for the relevant session online. Payment is taken online in advance.


4c. Payment for tasters, one-off or pay as you go classes, blocks of classes, membership and gift certificates in any amount are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions. Different blocks of classes have different expiry dates as per their descriptions on our website.


4d. Where a free taster session requires a deposit, this is only refundable where stated and requires timely attendance of the booked class and must be requested post attendance via email to risepilatesbristol@gmail.com.




5a. Clients that purchase a membership product (Bronze, Silver or Gold) agree to Rise Pilates taking regular payments as per the relevant product.


Each regular payment must be paid in full upfront before the membership services will be provided. On the rare occasion that cleared funds are not received in full the member will not be able to attend classes until funds are received, and any missed classes will be treated as a late cancellation and will be counted as one of the monthly sessions charged for when funds do clear.




6a. Clients can book and reschedule Reformer 1:1s, Reformer 2:1s, group reformer and mat classes for themselves on a pay as you go basis via http://www.risepilatesbristol.com or the Wellness Living Achieve App/webportal.

Where clients give verbal consent they can also be booked in by Rise Pilates instructors and admin staff and have their payment taken using securely stored payment details.


6b. Rise Pilates runs individual classes and small group classes, running at capacity much of the time. We therefore operate a strict 48 hour cancellation policy for all our classes, ‘classes’ meaning 1:1s, 2:1s, Tasters, Private classes and group mat or reformer

classes. This means cancellation or rescheduling of a class is not permitted within 48 hours prior to the class commencing, with the full cost of the class still being payable and non-transferable.


6c. Pay as you go class bookings are scheduled as first-come first-served. There is a waiting list for Membership where a given class is full. If a client joins the waiting list for a particular class and then books that session their booking will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in the usual way.


6d. Where a class is early cancelled (i.e. before the 48hr cut off period) the client’s account will be re-credited with a relevant class credit which can be used to re-book. The credit is not transferable or refundable. There is a 28 day expiry date on any credit obtained via cancellation, credits not used within 28 days will be void.




7a. Clients purchasing membership agree to pay the £45 administration sign-up fee.


7b. Bronze, Silver and Gold ‘Monthly’ memberships for both Reformer and Mat Pilates are automatically renewed ongoing on a 4 week basis, and require notice of a full 4 week/28 day payment cycle. Notice must be given via email (to risepilatesbristol@gmail.com) to initiate cancellation of membership.

Where cancellation notice occurs partway through a 4 week cycle the termination date of the contract will still fall a full 4 weeks beyond the end of the current 4 week cycle. Hence the full fee for the subsequent 4 week’s cycle is still payable. There is not the option for a proportional refund.

Upon reaching the termination date of membership any unspent credits will be void and will not roll-over or be refundable or transferable.


7c. Bronze, Silver and Gold Memberships entail committing to a regular, weekly session (or two for Silver, three for Gold). Once agreed upon the class places are reserved under that member’s name weekly and cannot be booked by other clients.


This perk is unique amongst studios in Bristol and allows our members to create a routine, build a community with the other class attendees and for our instructors to become familiar with their regular clients and thereby optimise their class content.


If the member wishes to change their regular slot time or day they must request this in writing and it be in agreement with the studio, giving 14 days notice minimum and is always subject to availability.


7d. To allow for flexibility and because sometimes life gets in the way, members are able to cancel bookings within their current 4 week cycle and be re-credited.


7e. ‘Monthly’ Memberships operate on a 4 week payment cycle; regular payments will come out every 28 days.


Bronze Monthly Membership give 1 class credit per week for the subsequent 4 week cycle. If a booked class is cancelled by the client or at the client’s request within the 4 week cycle, their account will be re-credited with 1 class credit, which can be used to rebook within an available slot in the current 4 week cycle. A maximum of 2 credits can be held unused to roll-over into the following 4 week cycle, after which point if unused they would be lost without refund.


Silver Monthly Membership gives 2 class credits per week for the subsequent 4 weeks cycle. If a booked class is cancelled by the client or at the client’s request within the 4 week cycle, their account will be re-credited with 1 class credit, which can be used to rebook within an available slot in the current 4 week cycle. For Silver members a maximum of 4 credits can be held unused to roll-over into the following 4 week cycle, after which point if unused they would be lost without refund.


Gold Monthly Membership gives 2 reformer class and 1 mat class credits per week for the subsequent 4 weeks cycle. If a booked class is cancelled by the client or at the client’s request within the 4 week cycle, their account will be re-credited with 1 class credit, which can be used to rebook within an available slot in the current 4 week cycle. For Gold members a maximum of 4 reformer credits and 2 mat credits can be held unused to roll-over into the following 4 week cycle, after which point if unused they would be lost without refund.


7f. ‘9Month’ Memberships operate as a contractual commitment to 40 weeks of membership and thereby sealing the deal on our lowest available class rates. Members will have 10 regular payments taken at 4 week intervals. The terms stated in 7c,7d & 7e still apply.


7g. A Monthly membership may not be frozen or paused for any reason.

A 9month membership can be frozen for up to 12 weeks maximum for extenuating circumstances and only at the discretion of the Rise Directors. This entails putting the membership on pause, meaning that monthly payments still continue to be charged but the weeks designated as ‘frozen’ are added as pre-paid weeks to the end of the 40 week contract.


7h. A Member is able to upgrade their membership at any point. A membership may be downgraded at a members request only by giving 28 day notice, except for 9month membership which does not allow changes within the 40 week term.


7I. At the end of the 9month membership a client will have the option to renew or update depending upon offers a the time. If there is no communication from the client as to what package they want, they will automatically go onto a rolling Monthly membership unless otherwise agreed.




8a. We advise clients not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice of a medical professional if they have concerns over their physical health and ability to participate.


Clients accept that they are participating in a one to one or group exercise class setting and that they do so at their own risk. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Rise Pilates in writing of the presence of and any changes to relevant health conditions, new or old, physical or mental that may impair their ability to tolerate exercise or increase their risk in taking part – including pregnancy.


Rise Pilates reserves the right to refuse access to any client if they consider the health of the client concerned may be at risk by taking part in a class or accessing the studio.


8b. Members are required to follow the instructions of the instructor and any Rise Pilates team members at all times.


8c. For a safe and tailored class we advise pregnant women or those within 12 weeks postpartum must have 1:1 classes. We do not usually accept them into our group classes but reserve the right to do so in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Directors.


8d. Our classes are only for well people. We advise clients are not to attend group or individual classes if they are unwell, for their own safety and that of our staff and clients.


To keep our practice free of infectious diseases the studio reserves the right to turn anyone away without refund if they attend and are displaying signs or symptoms of contagious illness including respiratory viral infections


8e. Clients must fill in the medical sections of their membership form accurately without omission.


8f. Clients are not allowed on site if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor are they allowed to participate if deemed to be in a mental state where they are unable to safely follow instructions.




9a. Rise Pilates cannot be held responsible for any particular instructor and/or item of Pilates equipment not being available for a given class.


Rise Pilates reserves the right to alter class content, pilates instructors and equipment provided, and class location without notice and at their absolute discretion, without liability for any loss derived from such alterations.


9b. Clients are responsible for their own actions and safety in the class environment. They accept there is always a risk of injury or exacerbation of current pain condition from exercise and that it is their responsibility to communicate and provide constant feedback regarding their needs in terms of intensity of exercises that they feel safe and comfortable with and whether they are experiencing an increase in pain or other symptoms during exercise. Clients accept that they are in a dynamic exercise environment where they are personally accepting the risk of any accidental injury that may occur whether via a slip, trip, fall, over-exertion, sprain, strain, contusion or other injury. Clients understand that as an instructed class the instructor is only ever suggesting an exercise or level of effort and encouraging participation, with no coercion involved, and that the client is responsible for judging if the given level is safe for them to undertake or continue with.


9c. Except where injury, loss or damage is by law incapable of exclusion, Rise Pilates accepts no liability for injury to clients on premises or outside the studio, or loss or damage to property of clients sustained while onsite.




10a. Clients are allowed to use Rise Pilates facilities and equipment only during their booked class times and under direct supervision of the instructor present. The Studio can withdraw all or part of its facilities for any period at any time without notice to any or all clients if needed for any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for reasons beyond the control of Rise Pilates.


10b. Clients must at all times observe Rise Pilates studio guidelines which may be notified to them and altered or added to from time to time and they are requested to comply with any reasonable directions which Rise Pilates may issue to ensure the smooth operation of the Studio for the convenience of all clients


10c. Under 18s can only attend the Studio and practice pilates if accompanied by an adult and only with prior agreement from Rise Pilates.




11a. Any belongings that are brought into Rise Pilates premises are at the Member’s own risk and Rise Pilates does not accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to such items.




12a. Clients must dress appropriately for exercise in a group environment with respect to safety and wellbeing of both themselves and others. Rise Pilates recommends the use of comfortable, stretchy and relatively fitted attire that has no sharp or protruding studs, buckles, zips or accessories as these can risk catching or lead to damage of the surface of the equipment used. Clients should expect to attend sessions barefoot or with pilates socks. Rise Pilates reserves the right to refuse entry to a class if clothing is deemed inappropriate by the instructor. Where entry is refused it is entirely at the discretion of Rise Pilates as to whether the session is refunded, rescheduled or non-refundable.




13a. No food, glass, containers or utensils are allowed in the studio. Only non-breakable water bottles are permitted in the Studio. With the exception of guide dogs no pets are permitted in Redpoint or the Rise Pilates Studio.


13b. Rise Pilates requests that clients attend in a state of hygiene and cleanliness befitting a shared exercise space.


13c. Redpoint and the Rise Studio are non-smoking and non-vaping zones.


13d. In the event of a fire, clients must follow the instructor and make the way to the nearest available fire exit which are signposted at the bottom of the studio staircase.




14a. Clients must inform Rise Pilates of any change of home address or contact details including email. Where notice has not been given it will be assumed all communications would have been received by the client.




15a. Rise Pilates may assign the benefit of the Registration Process and may assign a client’s membership to a third party at any time without prior notice.


15b. A person who is not a party to the Registration Process has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or enforce any term of the Registration Process.


15c. By providing an email address to Rise Pilates, the client is consenting to receiving email communications from Rise Pilates and accepts the risks that email may not be secure and confidential. Rise Pilates will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of communicating with a client by email.


15d. Any marketing, educational or other materials of this nature produced by Rise Performance and Wellbeing which are made available to clients will at all times remain the property of Rise Pilates and will be subject to copyright.


15e. By signing agreement to Terms and conditions clients agree that where from time to time Rise Pilates staff may take videos or photos during class for use on social or marketing channels they are happy for Rise Pilates to use these without prior written consent.