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Reformer FLOW

Rise Pilates Reformer Flow


This flowing equipment class focuses on aligning the body and building graceful, confident movement.

A full body workout that tones, lengthens and strengthens the body to be your best.

This class is a small group session, a perfect place to start after a 1:1 introduction to the equipment.


This Physio led pilates class will Tone, strengthen and develop poise and mobility.

This posture boosting, core building, total body exercise system is fun, invigorating and proven to benefit spinal and pelvic health.

You’ll focus on working the deep, stabiliser muscles that are fundamental for controlled and dynamic movement, supporting your entire body and building up to more complex movement patterns with grace and strength.


Move with grace and power!

This intermediate Mat Pilates class is Challenging and athletic, this is our hardest mat-based pilates session, focussing on coordinating strength and control.

Perfect for Athletes, dancers, climbers and those that want to feel the burn and get the max out of their Pilates practice.

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